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These are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Referrals & Products

Referrals & Products Content

  • What are Referrals?
  • What are Products?
  • How do I Enable Project Stages for Advocates?
  • How do I Update Project Stages for Advocates?
  • How do I Add a New Product?
  • What if I want to Delete the Referral?
  • How do I change Product Type for an Existing Referral?

Referrals & Products

What are Referrals?

Referrals: The best type of Lead! They are submitted through your new mobile app (or the web version) from Advocates (app users) who would recommend your products/services

  • a referral is not an advocate until you sign them up as an advocate
  • the end goal is to generate referrals from your advocate network and continually convert those referrals into advocates who can send you more referrals
  • you can distinguish referrals that are submitted by a sales rep from their own app login as it will come in with the Self-generated lead product selected. This can be used as a lead capture tool for your salespeople and/or a way to pay your sales reps through the app

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What Are Products?

Products are services or products your company offers that could have a separate referral payout. 

For instance, if there is a solar company that has a referral for Solar Installation, but also a referral for Batteries; the payout would be different.

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How do I Enable Project Stages for Advocates?

Advocates by default with the new UI have project stages enabled by default.

To change Project Stages for an Advocate if they were deactivated, on the Dashboard go to 

Location: Advocates > Active - Enable Project Stages (Green Button)

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How do I update Project Stages for Advocates?

In order to change the project stages for one or more Advocates, on the Dashboard go to

Location: Advocates > Customer Project Management - Assign Project Stages (Green Button)

*Make sure to click the checkbox for selecting the Advocate(s) desired

You can also click on the Action Icon under the Action Header Row for an Individual Advocate to update the project stage

If you are integrated with Project Milestones, this process will occur automatically

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How do I add a New Product?

In order to add a new Product, in the GTR Dashboard go to 

Location: Settings > Product - Add New (Green Button)

Once accessed, there are numerous ways to configure your product. 

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What If I want to Delete the Referral?

In order to delete the Referral Product entirely, it is also located under the New Referrals Tab. While GTR typically recommends moving any unwanted referrals to Unqualified Referrals, there are situations where deleting the referral entirely may be useful.

For Example: Let’s say Jerry Seinfeld was accidentally referred to twice; one for roofing and one for roof repair. As discussed in the earlier example, Jerry Seinfeld only wants roof repair. 

In this scenario, the Admin will delete the “Roofing” referral.

In order to delete the duplicate, simply 

  1. check mark the referral desired to be deleted
  2.  click the red delete button located at the top left of the dashboard.


Once Delete is selected, the page will refresh and the Referral will be completely gone from the system.

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How do I change Product Type for an Existing Referral?

In order for the product type to change for the existing referral, the referral must be Unverified/New Referral.

In order to do this, from your Dashboard go to

Location: Referral > Unverified Referral (this may vary depending on the specific stages of your company, but generally is a 'New Referral') - Click On the Referral under associated products Header Row

- A pop up will display where you can select a different stage. Save to confirm changes.


If a referral you want to change the Product for is not in the 'New' or 'Unassigned' stage (for example), you will need to revert it back to that stage to make the product change.

Click on the Referral Name of the specific referral - this will bring you to a new screen showing the detail of that referral.

Change the stage to New or Unassigned (or similar stage) and make sure to click Save.

Then, when you return to the previous screen showing all the Referrals, you should be able to change the Product type for that referral (as outlined above, as you should for any other New or Unassigned referrals).


Contact GTR

If you still have questions regarding anything related to GTR, please contact us at 

GTR Support Phone #: (619) 937- 3427

GTR Support Email: support@getthereferral.com

You can also submit a Support Ticket or Feature Request, located under GTR Support Dashboard; or click on the link below for submitting a support ticket.

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