Playbook - Pro/Premium/Custom

This Playbook has a lot of information, and will be your go to source for moving through the process of creating a successful Referral Program!

Implementation Schedule

Part 1: Working with your Implementation Manager 

  1. Have your D-U-N-S Number Available
  2. Creating an Apple Developer Account & Enabling GTR Admin Access
  3. XTRM Advanced Profile Submission
  4. Your 1st App Design Review

Part 2: Preparing to partner with your CSM

Part 3: Admin and Sales Strategy Training

Part 4: Tracking your Success

Part 5: Quarterly Business Review

Part 6: Additional Support

Internal Resources

To get prepared understanding the terminology that will be used: Here is a Glossary of important GTR Terms!

Below is our Implementation Schedule One Sheet to better understand what is required for you and your team in order to have a speedy onboarding!

After your Experience with Sales, you will receive a “New Customer Form (NCF)” from your Account Executive. The NCF will begin your Onboarding with the Customer Success Team.

Once we receive your “NCF,” your Implementation Manager will introduce themselves via email and begin creating your GTR “Admin Dashboard” and the first version of your design

The Steps below are your primary focus for Part 1. Any CRM Integration, or Sales Process questions will be managed by your Customer Success Manager:

1. Have your D-U-N-S Number Available

A Dun & Bradstreet # is required for your business to create an Apple Organization Developer Account.

D-U-N-S Number is used by Apple to validate your business and to ensure you are legally authorized to represent the business on their App Store. 

If you would like to look up your D-U-N-S Number, Click Here

2. Creating an Apple Developer Account & Enabling GTR Admin Access

To get you App on the IOS App Store, GTR will need you to

  • Create an Apple Developer Account 
  • Pay for Apple Developer Membership ($99/ year)
  • Add GTR as an Admin

It is very important you follow the correct steps for Apple Developer to get your App Live done right, on time

  • To view Enrollment Instructions available in the GTR Knowledge Base, Click Here
  • To start your Enrollment process on your Desktop, Click Here

3. XTRM Advanced Profile Submission

For the purpose of using the Advocator Wallet, XTRM will be an easy and fast solution for paying out advocates.

In order to use the Advocator Wallet feature of GTR, there are various sign up steps outside of the GTR Dashboard that need to be complete in XTRM.

It is very important you follow the correct steps for XTRM Advanced Profile Submission.

  • To view XTRMs Advanced Enrollment Instructions, Click Here
  • To view a support video to help you with this process Click Here

4. Your 1st App Design Review

    Your Implementation Manager will provide an initial branded design using the images you’ve provided 

Your Implementation Manager is here to support you through the process and can make themselves available via call or email to get through these items.

Due to the personal nature of these steps, your time investment is required to get through Implementation quickly and on to your Return on Investment!

Congrats! You completed your implementation! 

At this point in time, you will be provided with your CSM’s Contact and Meeting Information to begin your initial training.

Your CSM will support you with the following items:

  • Taking your App “Live” in Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Merging Your Sales Process with GTR
  • Discussing CRM Integration - Understanding CRM
  • Providing Insights and Best Practices from our most successful clients

Preparing for Onboarding Checklist

In order to have a speedy and successful training and app launch, here are a few action items to have prepared

1. Get to know the  CRM Integration Form.

This form contains all the needed information for our Development Team to perform a quick and painless integration process. If you have any questions, you can connect with your CSM as a designated time to get support!

2. Sales Rep List

If you have more than 15 Sales Reps, have a list of your Participating Sales Reps on a CSV file with First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Work Email. You can add Sales Reps manually as well.

3. Referral Payouts

How much will you pay for a Referral that is submitted, verified, and sold?

4. Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing plan?

GTR has a Marketing Team on site, who can provide your organization with a Full Marketing Offering for a fee.


In your first meeting with your CSM, you will begin Admin Training. Admin Training is broken up into two parts, 60 minutes each. As you complete your Admin Training, you should be Going Live with your APP and preparing for your Sales Strategy Training. 

Here is a breakdown of initial trainings below:

Dashboard Training 1 Onboarding Summary

  • Set Payouts for your referral program
  • Use the Advocator Wallet
  • Customize the Referral Landing Page
  • Complete your Referral/Advocate Form
  • Manage Advocate Activity and Referral Stages
  • Manage Sales Manager and Sales Rep Activity Results

Dashboard Training 2 Onboarding Summary

  • Find and Customize your Email Templates
  • Learn Best Practices for Email Marketing
  • How to Engage with Push Notifications
  • Use your CRM with GTR effectively

Congrats! Your App should be live, but hold on, we want to support you in Training before rolling out to your customer base!

Sales Strategy Training

In Sales Strategy Training we will meet with your Sales Team and Discuss:

  • Discuss Sales Process
  • Learn about Advocates and the Power of Referrals
  • The Features, Benefits, and Best Practices of your App
  • How to introduce the app to your customer
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • $$$ Get More Referral Leads! $$$

Knowing where your program is, and your positive contributors is an important part of driving a consistent Referral Program.

Sales Rep Leaderboard in Sales Rep Dashboard

That’s why viewing your “Sales Rep Leaderboard” will help find what your successful reps are doing right, and more importantly, who to coach to that same level.

Here is a link regarding the Sales Rep Dashboard

Your CSM will support you with resources through any questions you have at any point in time.

Scheduling Quarterly Business Review with your CSM

We also recommend QBRs or Quarterly Business Reviews with your CSM. These can be scheduled by clicking on your CSM’s provided Calendar link and setting time. 

In your business review, you will discuss: 

  • Your Results So Far
  • Start, Stop, and Continue

Start, Stop, Continue Process

Start, Stop & Continue: What do they mean in context to your business

  • Start – activities are those things the team will begin doing in the next cycle. 
  • Stop – looks back at the previous cycle of the project to identify which things didn't work and should cease. 
  • Continue – identifies things that worked in the previous cycle and need to be part of the team's core activities.

GTR ensures you will be given the support needed through our various resources

In addition to your Customer Success and Implementation Team, our Support Team can help with Technical or Advocate issues

They can be reached at

Standard Response time is 1-2 business days.

Our Business Hours are M-F 8AM - 4:30PM PST

To reiterate, all Technical or Advocate issues would be conducted with our Support Team. 

Common issues sent to support 

  • Password Resets
  • XTRM Payment Inquiries
  • App Glitches that need to be discussed or resolved with GTRs Development Team

Knowledge Base & FAQ

  • To view the Knowledge Base, Click Here

    • You can also find our Knowledge Base in your Dashboard to answer any process questions

  • To view the Knowledge Base FAQ, Click Here

    • More specifically, our FAQ can answer your process questions; and will link to any relevant Knowledge Base Article in relation to your question.