How to link a bank account in XTRM for ACH Funding with Plaid

Now that you have been approved for the advanced services, you will need to link a bank account to XTRM so you can fund your Advocator Wallet to pay out advocates. The steps below will show you the easiest way to link a bank.

*If you have not completed Onboarding for XTRM and approved for 'Advanced Services', please click here to complete XTRM onboarding. (You would see a gold star next to your company name in XTRM to indicate you were approved). 

Accessing XTRM

To get to XTRM, simply go to or log in to the Advocator Dashboard, click 'Advocator Pay' located in the left menu, and then click on the button that says 'log in to XTRM.'  

Log in to XTRM using the same email you used to log in to the Dashboard Log in; your XTRM password is different; please reset if you are unsure what the password is. 


From the XTRM home screen, click 'FUND' and then select 'ACH Debit' as the Fund Method. Click the link or blue button that says "Link new back for ACH Debit." From here you can search for your bank and use Plaid to sign in with your existing credentials. Once logged in, you will follow the prompts to authorize the ACH Debit link application to XTRM. This usually takes 1 business day to be approved. See video of these steps here

*Please note that this method may not work if 2-factor authentication is turned on with your bank.

Need to link a bank manually because this method didn't work? You can do so here.