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  • What is an Advocate?
  • What is a Sales Managers Role for the Dashboard?
  • What is a SalesReps Role for the Dashboard?
  • What is an Advocate SalesRep?
  • What is the difference between a Sales Manager and Sales Rep?
  • How do Advocates sign up? 
  • What is a Referral Champion?

User Roles - Advocates, SalesReps/Managers

What is an Advocate?

A person who speaks well of your company, products, services. Anyone who creates an account by downloading app or via web app is considered an advocate.

This could include

  • Customers/clients
  • Past customers
  • referral partners
  • friends/family
  • anyone else you can possibly sign up to send you referrals

What is a Sales Managers Role for the Dashboard?

A special type of GTR Dashboard Admin that can manage and view advocates and referrals from assigned sales rep users.

Sales Managers also get email alerts on New Advocates and New Referrals from their respective team.

Sales managers are assigned from from the Sales Rep Tab.

For example: A company has two locations, an east coast and west coast location. You would create a Manager Role for the East Coast team, and then assign the appropriate east coast sales reps to said manager

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What is a SalesReps Role for the Dashboard?

A special type of GTR Dashboard User whose name appears on the advocate registration form. This allows Sales Reps to build their own network of advocates of which all of the referrals will be routed back to them.

From the Sales Rep dashboard, a sales rep can only view their own advocates/referrals as well as communicate with their advocates.

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What’s an Advocate SalesRep?

SalesRep users (seat holders) that have access to the GTR Dashboard but can also use their credentials to have access to the app

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What is the difference between a Sales Manager and Sales Rep?

Sales Reps = Advocates can sign up and associate themselves to a rep.

Managers = Dashboard only function, and Sales Reps. are assigned to a manager, so that manager can review their reps

  • Advocates
  • Referrals

So for instance, an East Coast Manager would be assigned his east coast sales team, while a West Coast Manager would be assigned his west coast sales team.

It's to allow a role to manage the performance of the reps. What happens is in most cases, Managers also sell which means we register them in the GTR Dashboard as Sales Reps., regardless of Title

(Emails can't be used in two roles)

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How do Advocates sign up?

There are several different ways advocates can sign up in which you are in control of. They will primarily be signed up by sales reps, but with a multi-level reward payout, you are incentivizing your advocates to also sign up other advocates.

Different ways to sign up advocates

  1. Telling someone to search your Company’s App name in the app store/google play and having them download link
  2. Sharing app links (this can be accomplished with a QR code, landing page on your website, or an email)
  3. WebApp - accounts can be created from the web version of your app if you have it on your website
  4. Advocates can invite other people to sign up from your app in a tab called ‘Invite Advocates’ - advocates that sign up this way become a ‘downline member’ of the advocate who sent them the registration form

What is a Referral Champion?

The person at your company who is responsible for the success of the platform.

This person has close contact with a GTR Account Manager and will provide necessary documentation and communication to

  • help get the app live
  • coordinate Admin and Sales Rep training
  • promote constant engagement with the tool.

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