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Advocate Dashboard Management

Advocate Management under Advocates Dashboard tab have multiple features for Admin to manage their Advocates

What is an Advocate?

Advocates: anyone who has created an account for your app/web app. An advocate is someone who can send you referrals. 

  • Customers/clients
  • Past customers
  • referral partners
  • friends/family
  • anyone else you can possibly sign up to send you referrals

What’s an Advocate SalesRep?

Advocate SalesReps: are SalesReps with access to the Application, and can send in referrals to advocates through the Application and can use the app to enter self-generated leads or as a lead capture tool (i.e. collecting contact info at a trade show, community event, etc.)

If you want to view all information regarding Advocate SalesReps, Click Here


How do Advocates sign up?

Signing up Advocates - There are several different ways advocates can sign up in which you are in control of. They will primarily be signed up by sales reps, but with a multi-level reward payout, you are incentivizing your advocates to also sign up other advocates. Different ways to sign up advocates

  1. Telling someone to search your Company’s App name in the app store/google play and having them download link
  2. Sharing app links (this can be accomplished with a QR code, landing page on your website, or an email)
  3. WebApp - accounts can be created from the web version of your app if you have it on your website
  4. Advocates can invite other people to sign up from your app in a tab called ‘Invite Advocates’ - advocates that sign up this way become a ‘downline member’ of the advocate who sent them the registration form
    1. This feature is available through the Affiliate Program (i.e. Pros as an Add-on, Premium, or Custom Package)

How to Access Advocates Management: 

On the Dashboard, go to Advocates > All(or Active)

From the Advocates > All (or Active), you can also 

  • Enable for Project Stages
  • Invite Advocate via Email
  • Manually Adding an Advocate
  • Upload a Document
  • Turn on/ off Stats Reports for selected Advocates
  • Activate / Deactivate SalesReps
  • View information about each individual advocate
    • Referrals Submitted
    • Payment Details
    • Account Details
    • Notes
    • Documents
    • Transaction History 
    • Tier Members
    • Project Stage

Advocates Management

Enable for Project Stages

From the Advocate Management page, you can select which Advocate(s) you want to Enable for Project Stages. In order to do this, checkmark the Advocate(s) desired, then click on the green button that says “Enable for Project Stages”. Click “Ok” to confirm changes.


Invite Advocate via Email

In order to Invite an Advocate via Email, checkmark the Advocate(s) desired, then click on the green button that says “Invite Advocate via Email”

Once selected, there will be a pop up with the email template associated with Inviting an Advocate. You can modify the template from here, and proceed to press the “Send” green button


Manually Adding an Advocate

In order to access this feature, click on the Green Button that says “Manually Add Advocate”.

An example is shown by Clicking Here

Once Clicked, you can manually fill out any information that pertains to the Advocate being added


Upload a Document

Admins can upload documents pertaining to one or more Advocates. In order to Upload a Document, checkmark the Advocate(s) desired, then click on “Upload Document” green button.

From here, Admins can select a document already located in a folder

  • Upload thumbnail Images of Document
  • Have the option to Upload a Document or Add a Link for a website.
  • Admins can also enable a push notification 

For more information of managing documents for advocates; including Folder Management and Uploading Document for Individual Advocates, Click Here

Turn on/ off Stats Reports for selected Advocates

The bell is to send out a monthly stats report for advocates

To turn on stats reports, Checkmark the Advocate(s) desired, then proceed to click the small green bell icon on the right side of the page. 

To turn notifications off, click on the Red Bell Icon with a slash through it


Activate / Deactivate Advocates

To see the full list of Advocates including Inactive Advocates, make sure to go to Advocates > All.

Under the Status header row, it will show whether the Advocate is Active or Inactive, and can be changed by clicking on the Active / Inactive button and confirming changes.


Viewing Information about an Individual Advocate

Once in an Advocates Profile is selected, you will have a list of options for that individual advocate you can manage


Referrals Submitted

Under the first section, Admins have information about the referrals the Advocate has submitted including…

  • Referral Name
    • Not only can you view the name, but clicking on the Advocates individual referral will allow you to view and modify that specific referrals details
      • This can include changing Note Information, Advocates contact information, or changing the status of the referral
  • When the Referral was added on
  • The Status of the Referral
    • Not only an you see the status, but clicking on the status will enable you to manually change the status of that referral
  • When the last Status was changed
  • The total amount of that referral payout
  • Delete the referral under Action

Payment Details

For the individual referral, you have the option to view and manage

  • Total Amount Paid
  • Amount to be Paid
  • Paying out
  • Manually Paying an Advocate (Red Button)

For more information regarding Manually paying an Advocate, Click Here

Account Details

Admins can view the account of the Advocate associated with the referral

Some important features include

  • ByPass XTRM
    • If you want the advocate not being involved with the payout process, by passing XTRM can be used
  • Notes notification setting
    • When updating notes, the notifications set for informing an advocate of new notes will be removed
  • Companycam ID
  • Solar Edge API Key


You can add a note for any important information regarding the referral


Admins can upload any important documents for the Advocates, including 

  • sending a push notification to the user when uploading
  • uploading a new document
  • viewing/ downloading the documents uploaded.

For more information of managing documents for advocates; including Folder Management and Uploading Document for Individual Advocates, Click Here

Other Advocate Management Tools

You can also view more tabs involving Advocates, including

  • Pending Payments
  • Documents
  • Customer Project Management
  • Track Advocate Logins

Pending Payments

The Pending payments section not only enables you to pay out Advocates, but also have a list of Advocates that need to be paid.  

In addition, companies can export paid payments to a CSV file, which can be filtered out by date range.

To view more information about the pending payments section, Click Here


In order to manage documents for Advocates, go to Advocates > Documents

In this section, you can 

  • Upload Documents for all Advocates
  • Create Folders for your documents
  • Make the documents invisible or visible

For more information regarding documents management, Click Here

Customer Project Management

This page allows Admins to Assign Project Stages, Remove Project Stages, and view the Advocates profile; which is the same as clicking on the Advocates profile in Advocates Management (Advocates > All (or Active))

In order to Assign for Project Stages, checkmark desired Advocate(s) and click the “Assign Project Stage(s)” Green Button

A Popup with drop down for Project Stages will open

Once the project stage is selected on the dropdown and you click Assign Stage(s) on the bottom, a push notification will be sent to the advocate about their Project Stage being updated


Under the Action Tab, you can also individually change the stage for an advocate as well

To remove an advocate from Project Stages, make sure an Advocate checkbox is selected and click on the red box titled “Remove for Project Stages”

To view more information regarding Project Management Stages, Click Here

Tracking Advocate Logins

Tracking Advocates logins is a useful tool to gain insight into the usage of the application by your Advocates. This also includes Advocate SalesReps.