Zapier x GTR Integration

The GTR Zapier integration allows referral leads to automatically be entered into your CRM each time a new referral is submitted.

If you are New to Zapier, the GTR <> Zapier CRM Integration will require the Zapier “Starter Plan” See Pricing Below:


***NOTE*** Validate that your CRM allows for Zapier Integration prior to subscription. 

To begin your Integration, Click “Make a Zap.” This option is in the top left corner of most Zapier pages and can be found as a Black Button with White Font.

(See Below)


Find “GTR” Under the Search Apps bar under Trigger




Select your Trigger event as “New Lead” in GTR


After selecting your trigger even a prompt will appear to Sign-in to GTR.

Click Sign-In. 


Follow the Prompt and Submit your GTR Dashboard information



Once signed in, Click Continue from the Trigger Step.


Find your CRM in the “ACTION” Step. 

For this example, we will use Hubspot

Choose Action Event “Create Contact” in your CRM and hit continue.

Map the First and Last Name and Lead Email to your CRM.

Other fields can be transferred, but We recommend these 3 fields. 


In order to successfully complete your GTR Lead Push in Zapier, You need to map your CRM Contact ID to “GTR LEAD ID” as pictured in the image below. 


Test your action, if the test is successful you can launch your Zapier and send a test referral in your App to confirm receipt in your CRM!

Please use the API token


1. GTR Referral → Use Endpoint w/ Instructions from client → Push Leads into CRM

  • Instructions / Parameters need to be provided
2. GTR Referral → Using our Access we find API ourselves (Firoja) → Push leads into CRM
  • API Keys
  • CRM Full Access needed
3. GTR Referral → Zapier → Push Leads into CRM Lead Perfection