Utilizing XTRM for Advocator Wallet

After the steps of setting up the XTRM profile & linking a bank account for ACH funding following approval, the GTR Wallet feature can be used to pay out advocates!

Log into your XTRM account Button

The “Log into your XTRM account” is the most important feature that will be used, and with a few simple steps

*Important: There is a 3.2% charge on all payment from the Advocator Wallet to the Advocate

Example: for every $100 dollar payment, around $104 dollars will need to be deposited

The “Deposit” button feature

This feature is for Credit Cards, which can be a manually inputted form

*Important: There is an additional  3% charge on all credit card transactions into the GTR Wallet. 

Pro Tip for choosing which payment option to use: 

  • GTR advises using the XTRM feature to proceed with payments to save on transaction fees and ease of use.

ACH Transfer Time

Transfers usually take 2-5 business days to fund your wallet.

*Important: ACH does not transact funds on either weekends or holidays. This will result in delayed deposits if transferred on those days

Pro Tips for transferring money: 

  • GTR recommends funding the wallet before Fridays. Since it is a 2 - 5 wait day on average, the funds sent on a Friday will arrive into the wallet the following Monday. 
  • GTR also recommends to Preload the wallet to be able to pay for at least 2 to 3 referrals. This will prevent a situation where an Advocate needs to get paid for a referral, but the transfer wait time over the weekend won’t interfere with the Advocate getting their money immediately.