Advanced Services Submission - XTRM

If you are receiving this guide, you are in charge of the XTRM Advanced Services Submission, please follow the instructions below using your specific work email address;


1. Go to

2. Click 'Log In' then use the reset password function.

3. Once the password is reset and you are logged into the XTRM dashboard,
review the left menu.

4. Under Setup, select 'Profile'

5. Select the 'Company (Basic)' tab towards the top center.
     a. Fill out all fields with a red X icon next to it, these are required.
     b. Before proceeding to the Identity section, scroll to the very bottom and
click Update.
     c. Return to the Company (Basic) tab and begin linking Bank and Bank
     d. Once the identity portal is completed, your progress bar at the top
should read 100%.
     e. If it does not, return to the basic tab and search for missing fields.

6. Select the 'Company (Advanced)' tab towards the top center.
     a. Most of the data already entered will be carried over, scroll down and fill
in any remaining required fields that show a red asterisk.

7. Click 'Finish and Submit'

Once you have submitted for advanced services, XTRM will review and look to grant your approval. This review process could take up to 3 to 10 days, and there may be additional compliance-related questions that we will request as needed.

For example, confirming information such as;

     ●  Ownership details

     ●  Date of birth

     ●  Residential/physical addresses

     ●  Nationality

     ●  Ownership percentages.