Advocator Pay in the Advocator Wallet

At this point, the Company Admin has properly set up their XTRM account, congratulations! Now that the need to fund the Advocator Wallet is set up, the next step is knowing how to utilize the features for payment management.

XTRM Checklist before proceeding

  • Log into your XTRM account to complete your Advance Profile,
  • "Linking bank account via PLAID for ACH Debit"
  • Fund your Advocator Pay Account via ACH Debit or Request Electronic Invoice

Please contact us at with any questions.

What is the Advocator Wallet

Think of the Advocator Wallet in the same way a physical wallet with cash works. 

  • To pay for something, you need that cash in your wallet first before you pay someone. 
  • In order to get the cash, you need to go somewhere to get the cash into your wallet… this is where XTRM comes into play. 
  • To transfer money from your bank account, credit, or debit card, XTRM is the intermediary in order to allow that process to happen.

To clarify, there are multiple ways to pay out rewards to Advocates.

  • Manually Upfront/ Extra Pay
  • At the Verified Stage
  • At the Sold Stage
  • At the Bonus Stage

Advocator Pay in Advocator Wallet

Location: Wallet > Advocator Pay

In Advocator pay, Company Admins will be able to see

  1. The available balance in the companies account
  2. The amount owed to Advocates