Messaging Templates for Phones

Messaging is useful for notifying advocates of updates, as well as leading advocates to download your application


Enabled whether an Admin adds and advocate or shares a registration form

When Advocates get manually signed up or registered, Advocates will get a follow up text to 

  • Download the Application for IOS or Android
  • Login credentials
    • Advocates email
    • Option to set or reset password

*Example of what a potential Advocate would view when receiving text message, & navigating to application download*

Editing Messaging Templates

Editing messaging templates is just as easy as email templates, with similar formatting

  • Email Manager under Email Marketing
    • When importing, you cannot change the column headers
    • You can import contacts as well
      • If you like the contents of a particular template, and put it into a template such as in z 
      • If people opt out of email communications, it is for people that are referred
    • Upload contacts to email
    • Download Sample File 
    • Each tab refers to which email you will be sending it