Review Portal - Review Gating Guidelines

What is Review-Gating?

Review Gating is when a business only encourages happy customer to leave a review or only show positive review. It prevents negative customers from leaving reviews and only allows positive reviews to be made. As defined by the FTC review-gating is a way to deceive customers.

Is it illegal?

Yes. Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 prevents businesses from posting only positive reviews on their business. Fashion Nova was fined $4.2 million in January 2022 after it was found to be selectively displaying only positive reviews on its page. 

What Statement would work?

Any statement that does not discourage or prohibits negative reviews or selectively solicit reviews from customers.


Main Objective

We want Advocates who had poor experiences to leave a message that will allow company admins to help better improve their product and customer experience before any review is posted online. 

Alternate Objective

We cannot force advocates to leave a message, therefore we allow them multiple options to leave a review when they receive a poor experience. 

Option 1: Leave a message 

Option 2: Leave a message & Write a Review

Option 3: Bypass message & Write  a Review