Review Portal Tutorial - Part 3: New Enhancements

This release adds additional capabilities to the Review Portal feature.

New Enhancements:

  • Company admins can send push notifications to selected or all advocates from the review portal.
  • Sorting is available for columns with the “ascending/descending sorting” icon.
  • New 'Review Requests' Tab

Important Note: The new Push Notifications feature in the Review Portal can only be sent through the 'Review Requests' tab; not the 'Advocate Reviews' section.

More Advocate Information & Sorting

Admins can now view more data on the advocates, including sorting based on certain criteria.

As seen in the example below, the list is sorted by Referrals, so the Advocate with the highest Referral Count will be displayed in order

New Review Requests Tab

Review Requests is a useful way to contact Advocates who meet a certain criteria for requesting a review via email or push notification.

Not only can an Admin sort the table, but Company Admins can 

  • Invite All Advocates
  • Invite Advocates with no Reviews
  • Invite the Selected Advocates

Once Selected, Admins can choose the templates from either Email or Push Notifications.

Categorizing Templates

It is important to note: Only Email templates saved under the Category 'Review' will be displayed in the Review Portal Email Template Module.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 7.49.08 AM