Push Notification Templates Overview

Use Push Notifications to alert users through the mobile app

You can view all the Templates which are added by Super Admin (GTR ADMIN). You can also add New Push Notification Templates. The new templates are used in Notification Manager to send a push notification to Advocates.


The following screen appears after clicking on Templates. Your Dashboard has 7 Default Templates as shown below:

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 10.27.01 AM

Figure 72: Push Notification – Templates

You can add/edit/activate/deactivate/delete the Notification Templates from here.

The created templates will be sent to users on different permitted actions.

Desired Notification Template can be searched using Search prompt

Notification grid contains the following items:

  • Push Notification Title
  • Created On (The date on which template created)
  • Last updated (The date on which template updated)
  • Status of Push Notification Template: Status of a particular Template can be changed to Inactive by clicking an Active button or vice versa.
  • Action: Click on “Edit/Delete” icon, to edit/delete a particular Template
  • Click on “Next” to view next template list
  • Click on “Previous” to view previous template list

Following screen appears when clicked on Add Push Notification Tab

AddPushNotificationTemplate-Figure 60

Figure 73: Add Push Notification Template

Steps to Add Push Notification Template

  • Enter Title in the given field
  • Enter Subject in the given field
  • Enter content in the Body Section and edit the content as per provided option for e.g. change font color, font heading, attach an image, insert a table, insert a link, etc.
  • Click on “Save” to save the Email Template
  • Click on “Cancel” to cancel the Email Template

In the Subject and Body sections of the Template, users can insert Token fields to populate data values from the system. The list of available Token (#) fields is here:

Messaging Tokens