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How to set up your products to pay a percentage of the sale

If you have opted to pay advocates a percentage of the sale instead of a fixed referral rate, follow the instructions below to set up your products to use this feature.

  1. This is not a default setting, to see if you have this feature turned on, please go to settings --> products. If you see a column "% of sale " then you have this feature. If you do not and would like to have it, please contact support. 
  2. Once you have verified you have this feature, be sure to update the percentage you want to pay your advocates, by clicking on the pencil in the right column under "Action."
  3. A screen will pop-up that will allow you to update the % of the sale
  4. Put in the percentage you would like to pay and click save


To see how to use the percentage of the sale for sold referrals click here