Messaging Dashboard Feature

The messaging feature is a useful tool for in office administration; in which Company Admins can message Advocates to their application.

Example of the Chat feature in Messaging

Company Admins can 

  • Create groups & send messages to multiple Advocates
  • Send Links, Images & Any other files needed uploaded from their computer
  • Enable push notifications so their advocate can easily view

*Important: The Messaging feature is not app to app communication.

Company Admins can message Advocates through the Dashboard, but if an advocate responds to the message, the Company Admin cannot return the message using the application, they will respond to the message using the Dashboard.

The Advocate is the only one that can message through the application

Messaging Settings

Admins / Sales Reps. can hide themselves within the Messaging tab in Settings 

Admins / SalesReps can choose the frequency of when they are notified of messages in the GTR Dashboard

If you have “Receive Email Notifications” enabled, you will see a pop up on the top right of the Dashboard.