Features available for in-app Messaging

Following screen appears after clicking on Messaging

Messaging-Figure 47

Figure 53: Messaging

The Messaging grid contains the following items:

  • Click on “All Contacts” to view all contact list
  • Click on “Recent Chats” to view all recent chat history
  • Enter a name in “Search Bar” to search for a particular contact
  • Enter the message/text in the given multiline text box

Following screen appears when “+” icon is clicked

Messaging_CreateGroup-Figure 48

Figure 54: Messaging – Create Group

The Create Group grid has the following functions:

  • Click on “Image Icon” to set a group photo
  • Enter the group name in the given text field to create a new group
  • Select users from the contact list using “Check Box
  • Click on “Create” to create a group

Following screen appears when clicked on a particular group from Recent Chats Tab

GroupScreen-Figure 49

Figure 55: Group Screen

The created group can be viewed in Recent Chats Tab.