Lead & Advocate Referral Page - New Features

Welcome to the new Referral Pages for your new Advocates!  GTR has created new options for the Referral Page which helps create a more appealing format, and gives more information to help validate the legitimacy of your company.

New Layout and Features for Referral Page

Referral forms on Phones & Tablets

While there is the desktop version, the form also reformats for phones and tablets from the same link!

 Original Referral Form

New Referral Form

1. Two Separate Form Links

  • Register Advocate Form
  • Register Lead Form

Register Advocate Form

Difference from Lead Form
-Temporary Password

The temporary password is required by Apple Developer, users can keep or change the password in the application

-No Advocate Contact Information

Register Lead Form

Difference from Advocate Form

2. Register Lead Form - Advocate Contact Information

In order to create transparency of where the potential customer is receiving this information from, GTR has provided the following option to fill out “Register Lead Form” Contact Information.

The fields be automatically generated based on the Advocates name, phone and email address

3. 2 - 6 Sections to Highlight the Business

In order to remind or show the customer of what the company has to offer, the company admin has the option to create customizable fields that will show the best features of their business


There will be a default field with an example of ideas they can insert into the form, in which the company admin has to edit to align with their business

4. Social Media Links

We will have an option for Company Admins to add Social Media links to their own Social Media Pages.

5. New Editing Options in Company Admin Dashboard

To edit the fields of the new referral page, Company Admin goes to their dashboard under

Settings > Share Link Design

*Important: In order to start editing with the new format & preview the new forms, “Share Link New Design” must be selected

  1. Include top banner photo size matching 1920x720
  2. An icon image of 35x35 is allowed & a max character count of 255

Visibility of Section Title and Content

  • In order to make the highlights of your business visible, the checkmark box next to the section must be checked
  • Up to 6 sections can be visible at one time

Icon Selection

Default Icons are already selected, but can be changed to any icon matching a 35x35 Dimension

Sharing Link Editing

  • There are 6 social media sites the company can link to
  • Only the social media fields that are filled out will be shown on the referral page