Edit Push Notification Template

Company admins can edit the default template that GTR supplies, just like for other Push Notifications

Location: Push Notifications > Templates 

The Company Admin can click on the action button to edit the template, it will display a popup to Edit Push Notification Template. 

Once saved, the status of the Push Notification Template changes from “Default” to “Active”

In the Action Header Row, Company Admins can delete the edited Push Notification Template, but can only do this if it is a new template, or the edited default template that changes status from ‘Default’ to ‘Active’

If the edited template is deleted, the default original template will re appear

How to Deactivate Push Notifications

  1. In order to accomplish this, go back to editing the default template
  2. Once this happens, click on the checkbox on the very left to select the template
  3. proceed to click on the “Inactive” green button