How to activate, deactivate & remove Sales Reps


When a salesrep is removed from the Status as “Active” to “Inactive”, all of the advocates under the salesreps name need to be transferred to another salesrep. 

When selecting the user, and changing the Status, a pop up box will appear with an option to transfer all the salesreps to an individual.

  • When clicking on the drop down list, all of the “Active” salesreps will be shown. 
  • In order to transfer to a specific SalesRep, the SalesReps status must be “Active”

Once “Change SalesRep” is selected, confirm the pop up

Two changes are made when Sales Rep change is applied

  1. Transfer of Total Advocates
  2. SalesRep Status

How to remove the Sales Rep from the system entirely

In order to remove the SalesRep, the previous steps to switch the SalesRep to “Inactive” must be completed.

Once completed, click on the Trash Can Icon to delete the SalesRep