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Email & Messaging Management

Find and Customize your Email Templates 

Location: Email Marketing > Email Template

Email management enables you to add and edit email templates that you send to Advocates emails

Email Template Header Rows

  • Checkbox: In order to select an email template, the checkbox must be selected.
  • Type: There are two types of emails; System and Custom
      1. System: Default templates created by GTR
        • The original System template will still be available
        1. Can be changed or edited if you make a copy
        2. If you make a copy, it will be labeled CUSTOM
      2. Custom: Templates that have been copied from a System email 
  • Status: There are two status’ an email can have; active and inactive
      1. Active: Emails templates that will be active for emails
      2. InActive: Emails that aren’t deleted but aren’t active for emails
        •  Company Admins can just reactivate the email when needed, instead of deleting it
        1. Pro Tip: It’s a great idea to have a list of inactive emails for promotional emails that only occur periodically
  • Action: There are 3 options under the action tab
    1. Edit, Preview, Make a Copy

Manage Email Notification settings

To access Email Notification Settings, click on the blue button on the top right

There are two important sections that need to be differentiated

  • Title

The default titles for System Templates. 

The email notifications can be turned on & off, which will officially determine whether or not a customer gets a notification

  • Template

The template section refers to the template list discussed earlier

While templates are default as matching the Title, the Templates can be changed to whichever Template has been created.

Once the template drop down is selected, all of the “Active” email templates will be displayed

Once “Save” is clicked at the bottom of page, the template will be updated
As seen below, the Title and Template are different. 

  • The title is still the trigger for the “Advocate gets an email when lead status changes”
    •  but the email template on “Project Stage Updated Email to Advocate” is what the advocate will receive

How to turn off the email notification trigger

There are certain email triggers that the company may not want sent out to their Advocates. All that is required is clicking the button to turn it on or off


Enabled whether an Admin adds and advocate or shares a registration form

When Advocates get manually signed up or registered, Advocates will get a follow up text to 

  • Download the Application for IOS or Android
  • Login credentials
    • Advocates email
    • Option to set or reset password

*Example of what a potential Advocate would view when receiving SMS message, & navigating to application download*

Editing Messaging Templates

Editing SMS templates is just as easy as email templates, with similar formatting 

  • Email Manager under Email Marketing
    • When importing, you cannot change the column headers
    • You can import contacts as well
      • If you like the contents of a particular template, and put it into a template such as in z 
      • If people opt out of email communications, it is for people that are referred
    • Upload contacts to email
    • Download Sample File 
    • Each tab refers to which email you will be sending it 

Changing Automated System Email Name

  • Automated system emails come from donotreply@getthereferral.com and can be changed to an email of choice if the partner company is using Gmail or Outlook
  • Changing the system email helps with email recognition and preventing our emails from being filtered by spam
  • An email can be changed by getting in touch with your CSM
    • Your CSM will need email, sender name (your choice), and credentials

Creating Gmail Credentials for GTR Steps

Creating Gmail Credentials for GTR (Email must have 2 factor authentication turned on*)

  1. Enable 2-Step Verification to your Gmail Account HERE: https://myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/two-step-verification/enroll-welcome
  2. Create An App Password for system use HERE: https://security.google.com/settings/security/apppasswords
  3. Select 'Others (custom name)' and click generate and share the code with me - title it GTR

Outlook Credentials for GTR

  • Provide email and password

Email Template Merge / Token Fields

The following is a list of available Token fields to be used in messaging templates sent to users.

These are useful for automating certain fields based upon the Advocate or SalesRep

Email Template Merge / Token Fields list


Admin Email Address


Admin First Name


Admin Last Name


Advocate City


Advocate Email Address


Advocate First Name


Advocate Last Name


Advocate Phone Number


Advocate State


Advocate Street Address 1


Advocate Street Address 2


Advocate Zip Code


Company Website URL


Company Name 


Current Referral Status


Referral City


Referral Email Address


Referral First Name


Referral Last Name


Notes Associate with Referral


Referral Phone Number


Referral State


Referral Street Address 1


Referral Street Address 2


Referral Zip Code


Opt-in / Opt-Out Status


Previous Referral Status


Associate Product


Sales Rep Email


Sales Rep First Name


Sales Rep Last Name


Sales Manager Email


Sales Manager First Name


Sales Manager Last Name


Amount Paid to Advocate


Date Advocate was Paid