Company Cam Integration Guide

Prerequisites for Company Cam Integration

  • You must have an active account with CompanyCam and GetTheReferral in order to integrate the two services. 
  • You must have Admin privileges in both services.

Generating Access Token for GetTheReferral

After logging into Company Cam

A. Go to the left menu >> Integrations
b. Select Access tokens tab. 

c. Click on to generate a token.
d. Select N/A from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: DO NOT check the optional check box. That will make the token Read-Only and it will not function.

E. Copy the New Token
Activating Integration with GTR using Access Token 
  1. Log in to GetTheReferral’s dashboard.
  2. Go to the left menu >> Integrations >> CompanyCam and paste the token into the Auth Token field. 

Congratulations! Your CompanyCam + GTR integration is complete! 📸😀