Company Admin Functionalities

This Web Application is used by Company Admin. This documentation describes the functionalities which can be performed by Company Admin (Partner Company Admin).

Company Admin has the following privileges:

  • View list of all Referrals which include Verified, Unverified, Working, Sold and Closed
  • View list of all Advocates which include Active and Inactive. Company Admin can view the detail of a particular Advocate and referral submitted by that Advocate
  • View list of Sales Rep and Sales Managers who are Active and Inactive
  • Add/Edit Sales Rep and Sales Manager
  • Can send a message to all contacts
  • Can view feeds according to year
  • Can transfer funds to Advocator
  • Manage Email Marketing module add/edit/delete Email Template. Change Status (Active/Inactive) of a particular Email Template
  • Company Admin can send Email to different users who are associated with his/her company. Each Company Partner Company has users like Admin, Advocator, Sales Representative, CRM Admin, Sub Admin (Partner Company), Referrals, etc.
  • Manage Push Notifications add/edit/delete Push Notification Template. Change Status of (Active/Inactive) of a particular Push Notification Template
  • Company Admin can send a push notification to all the Advocates who are associated with his/her company
  • Manage Users (add/edit/delete) users, search user by (first name/last name/ Email Address) or filter by selecting role. Change status of (Active/Inactive) user, set the permission of a user
  • Manage Roles (add/edit) roles, set permission for each role
  • Submit a Request: Company Admin can submit a request or raise a ticket for GTR Admin to look at a problem or perform a task.
  • Manage settings which include general settings, profile settings, can set terms & conditions for Advocates in Advocator App, Email Notification settings, can set permission for Advocator App to share App Link on Social Media, add a new product, set payment options for Advocator App.
  • Manage Multilingual Labels